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Helping Parents Navigate
Raising Children With 

My Why

I felt lost.

I was a  parent without any direction for where or whom to turn to for help.


I felt alone. 


I have ADD, anxiety, dyslexia , processing issues and didn’t read until I was in 4th grade. I now have children with unique learning challenges. I know what it is like to be on this journey.


My two children have been on different learning paths since the very beginning and I advocate for them each and every day.


I have a PASSION for helping others navigate a path that can feel daunting and overwhelming.


I know that together we can find the best ways to support your child. You deserve to feel equipped and empowered. And to know how to be a champion and a warrior for your child.


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What I Offer:

As someone who has navigated multiple school systems and IEPs, I'm able to provide parents with key insights and knowledge. It's all about helping parents feel equipped and empowered when it comes to supporting and advocating for their child(ren). 


How I Help:

I do one free 15 minute phone consultation. 

If a parent would like ongoing support, I charge  $200 for 60 minute consult that includes up to 25 page evaluations that I will read and provide insights and support. 

Speaking Engagements:

Yes.  I love connecting with parents and sharing knowledge.

I'm available to speak at your school or parent group meeting. Please reach out to me to learn more about the different topics I speak on and my rates. 


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"Cassie Blakely is a bright treasure of a human who has helped me tremendously on my parenting journey. From sourcing specialists to nutrition; finding the best planner or how to inspire your child’s self confidence, Cassie has thought extensively about how to best help our differently wired kids. She offers so much information and delivers it in the most kind and lovely manner, I highly, highly recommend her."  

Heidi Farrow, Parent Client


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Girls Mentorship Podcast Guest

Parent Summit & Podcast

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You aren't alone.


Let's chat and work together to find
the best ways to support your child.

I've learned a lot on my journey and

I'm here to support you on yours. 

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